40 by 40

The back story

On June 15, 2017, I was involved in a minor basketball injury that left me with a sprained wrist and two fractured ribs. I spent all next day laying in bed in pain and barely able to move my upper body.  It gave me plenty of time to think about life and the fact that I would be 39-years-old in one day. And that I would then be 40-years-old in one year. Granted, 40 years old seems young to me now. I just wish I could have told that to my 20 year old self. You know, the one who called his future sister-in-law “archaic” because she was turning 30. Ha.Ha. Seems like in the end, the joke’s on me.

So there I am. Laying in bed. And I think, “Hey, why don’t I start a challenge to finish 40 things before I turn 40?

Which brings us to the final list below of 40 things to finish before June 17, 2018.     Tick Tock.      Tick Tock.

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40 by 40

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